We help bridge the digital divide! If you cannot afford a computer, how do you thrive or even hope to survive in a world that is dominated by technology? Internet access and all of the benefits that it brings are critical in so many ways to make it in life these days. We bring gently used computers back to life by refurbishing them both physically and by restoring genuine Microsoft operating systems and Office products back onto them. Think what we do is not important? Consider what your life would be like without the computers that you use for work and at home every day!


  • What is a refurbished PC?
    A refurbished PC is a computer that’s been tested, rebuilt as needed and had it’s software reloaded and restored to ready to use condition.
  • Does a refurbished PC have value?
    Absolutely.  Many people simply need a computer so that their children can do their homework and not get behind in school. They need to be able to do job searches, keep their budgets and pay bills online, stay in contact with their support system through social media and by email.