Everyday we are presented with projects and opportunities to provide computers to help those who are truly in need. From a girls home in Thailand, to a pastor in Peru, to an orphanage in Uganda, a food ministry in Kentucky or a homeless shelter in Georgia each day we see more and more needs. We can only do so much and sadly, the needs often go unmet. Your gift of any size helps us to buy software, refurbish computers and provide the support so vital to help provide computers to the ones in need!

Everyone Give One

Your gift of $250.00 would provide one refurbished computer or notebook to a child or organization in need. We so take the technology that we  use every day and access to the internet for granted but so many simply do not have the basic tools they need to try and succeed in life!

Not everyone can afford a one time gift of $250.00 but we can all afford a monthly gift of $20.00!! Please consider underwriting the cost of one computer to help one person. You can really make a difference – everyone give one!!


There is so much involved in refurbishing a computer and getting it ready for distribution. We have workdays to help us do that very thing!! Do you or your group need a project to work on? Please contact us and we can review our current needs and coordinate what would be most helpful based upon the size of your group.