Smooth Stone Ministries can help your organization put it’s surplus computer equipment to meaningful use.  Why not partner with us and allow us to refurbish your obsolete equipment into a force for good in the developing world? Every computer,  notebook or tablet that is refurbished by SSMI must first have it’s hard drive wiped of all data ensuring against possible data loss. Then each computer has a genuine Microsoft operating system and Microsoft Office loaded for the next user to be ready to do the mission that they need to do!

Do you or your group know of a need for computers within an organization or for an individual that you serve but you don’t really know how to meet that need in an affordable way? We can help mobilize and equip your team for technology-based mission work both locally and abroad.  We partner with your group to help provide quality refurbished laptop computers to be taken overseas and for laptop or desktop computers for distribution here in the USA as well. We can help you with the logistics of the entire project!